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BLACK (they/them)

NOVA CYPRESS BLACK is the quiet one yo mama warned you about. This collage of Midwest tranquility, Southern hospitality, & East Coast grit writes, dances, & teaches from a Black queer womanist lens. They hold a B.A. in Poetry & Women’s Studies from Georgia State University. 

As NOVA came to screenwriting from 10 years in poetry, dance & theater, their prolific pen is characterized by profound brevity, genre fusion, & thorough character development. NOVA is ecstatic to finally have their work on screen, as they’ve had two evening-length choreoplays  produced & several poems & essays published. 

NOVA’s work deliberately decenters whiteness, excludes the presence of police & prisons, & resists heteronormativity. They are deeply invested in challenging harmful ideas & structures in order to help plant seeds for radical change off screen. 

Currently based in Atlanta, GA, NOVA freelances as an Audio Script Writer for two sexual wellness apps. This emerging Intimacy Coordinator is also cultivating their home into an unofficial museum for Black LGBTQ+ history. NOVA sleeps with a stuffed giraffe named Kwasi (her/she), pledges allegiance to sweet plantains & writes their name in all caps as a reminder to take up space. 

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