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Nekala Rosetta is a creative writer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Born into a family of storytellers, she picked up many styles of artistic expression and started performing poetry while in elementary school. As the first member of her family to attend an HBCU, Nekala is a proud alumna of the illustrious Florida A&M University. While on campus, she studied multimedia journalism and wrote for the award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Famuan — inevitably becoming its photo editor.


Her spirited undergraduate experience included taking a minor in Spanish, a study abroad summer in Europe, and active participation in several campus organizations and volunteer initiatives.


After college, Nekala took her writing skills to the freelance world where she wrote for the Black-owned online news publication Atlanta Blackstar, and served as a brand ambassador for the inspirational women’s blog, xoNecole.


In 2016, Nekala was invited by a classmate and screenwriter to co-write on a short film titled ‘Mental’ — a short anthology piece advocating for the mental and emotional wellness of Caribbean American peoples.


The project reopened Nekala to her love of screenwriting and the following year -- after being a background extra on the set of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ -- she began submitting pilot and spec scripts to various screenwriting contests and workshops.


This led her to Damn Write Originals where she was chosen as a featured writer. Her time on set with Damn Write resulted in her writing, co-producing, and directing her first solo film last year— with her second project premiering in winter 2019. Nekala's personal experience as a Caribbean American woman inspires her to work toward seeing the representation of the entire diaspora across all genres. What she hopes to develop as a filmmaker is the means to depict Black, brown and underrepresented stories in full vibrancy. When she isn’t writing, Nekala probably has both headphones in while traveling, napping by the pool, or looking through the menu of a new restaurant.

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