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Nekala Rosetta is a creative writer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. After graduating from the incomparable Florida A&M University, Nekala took her writing skills to the freelance world where she wrote for the Black-owned online news publication Atlanta Blackstar, moonlit as a content producer, and served as a brand ambassador for the inspirational women’s blog, xoNecole.


In 2016, Nekala co-wrote her first short film titled ‘Mental’ — an anthology piece advocating for the mental and emotional wellness of Caribbean American peoples. The project renewed a love for filmmaking and the following year, after relocating to Atlanta and working on the set of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’, Nekala began submitting pilot and spec scripts to various screenwriting fellowships and workshops.


Her passion led her to Damn Write Originals where she was chosen as a featured writer. Her time on set as a Damn Writer blossomed into three short films, two of which have premiered with Aspire TV.


Nekala's personal experience as a Caribbean American woman inspires her to create film and tv opportunities for anyone of the diaspora; both above and below the line. What she hopes to develop as a filmmaker is the means to portray Black, brown and underrepresented communities in their full vibrancy. 


When she isn’t writing, you can sometimes find Nekala in front of the camera, so be sure to keep watching!

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