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"JustLatasha", has been in Media / Entertainment for several years, beginning with her celebrity interview platform which put her in conversation with Pharrell, Anna Sui, DJ Khaled and more. She then expanded into YouTube, right before launching her first series, Sit Black & Relax. She shared two seasons
of this awarded project with her 20,000+ subscribers, as well as on the Amazon Prime platform.

Though Latasha was the Lead Comedy Writer for Mouse Jones' celebrity news podcast, Quarantine Nightly, her writing style includes psychological character inspection, with the examination of human form in the style of Dramedy. She loves to curate projects that explore family relationships and self
discovery journeys through major emotional breakthroughs.
Latasha was a staple panelist on The Grapevine TV, and has been featured on AFROPUNK, Bustle, AfroTech, Blavity, and several podcasts on The Loud Speakers Network.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and hosts a weekly live show to 70-300 viewers to dissect hit TV Shows & Films on YouTube. Latasha continues to host, write & produce, with her sketch comedy series JustLatasha's Inner Actions on the horizon. The series successfully crowdfunded in 2020, and was noted as Most Anticipated series by Seed & Spark.

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